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Attractions in Ellwangen

Basilika St.Veit mit Marktplatz
The Centre of the town-The Basilica St. Vitus and the Market Square. A late Romanesque building which is of great importance in Swabia
→ Link Basilika

Palais Adelmann
The most important secular building in the town. Guided Tours of the building can be arranged. In summer the former palace garden is open to public
→ Link Palais Adelmann

Sieger Köder Museum
The modern Church of the holy Spirit The artist-priest Sieger Köder has produced a cycle, consisting of 8 stained glass windows
→ Link Sieger Köder Museum

Ellwanger Wellenbad
Leisure Pool about 250 m closed to the Hotel
→ Ellwanger Wellenbad

Kirche Schöneberg
The Baroque Church of Schönenberg Constructed, 1682-1695. A pilaster church, built to the Voralberg Baroque style
→ Kirche Schöneberg

Comprehensive information is available from
Website of Ellwangen
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Attractions in the surroundings

Ellwanger Lakeland
24 lakes in the direct vicinity of Ellwang

Kocher Jagst cycle path
The Kocher Jagst cycle path is not far from us. If you are traveling by bike, then you have come to the right place (awarded by the ADFC)

Limes Park Rainau
Roman memorial / museum in honor of Emperor Caracalla 213 AD and museum -Unesco world cultural heritagehttps://www.rainau.de/2954_DEU_WWW.php

Abteikloster Neresheim https://www.abtei-neresheim.de/
Schloss Baldern www.schlossbaldern.de
Limes Thermen Aalen https://www.limes-thermen.de/
Nördlinger Ries /Rieskrater https://www.geopark-ries.de/

We are also close to the following cities, so Ellwangen can be the starting point for many day trips:

Bopfingen www.bopfingen.de
Dinkelsbühl www.dinkelsbühl.de
Nördlingen www.nördlingen.de
Rothenburg ob der Tauber www.rothenburg.de